The Norwegian Luge, Bob and Skeleton Federation are proud to host The IBSF World Championships 2020. The competition days are 24th and 25th march. It will be two runs on Tuesday and two runs on Wednesday, the total time for all four runs together decides the next World Champ.

Last year, Lake Placid was the host of the 2019 Para Bobsleigh World Championships where Lonnie Bissonnette from Canada won. Second place went to Corie Mapp form Great Britian, and the third place went to Sebastian Westin from Sweden.

Back in 2018 we were the host for the World Championships. Arturs Klots got the gold medal and Lonnie Bissonnette took the silver medal. The third place went to the Norwegian Guro Konstanse Fronsdal.

This years favorites

Lonnie Bissonnette from Canada, Corie Mapp from Great Britian, Arturs Klotsform Latvia, Sebastian Westin from Sweden, Fabrizio Castelli from Italy and Christopher Stewart from Switzerland. These are the top six in the standings in 2019/2020 season.

Guro Konstanse Frønsdal and Kenneth Jørgensen are the Norwegian athletes and favorites in the upcoming World Championships.

We welcome all and there is no entry fee!


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